How do I motivate myself to study.

It totally depends on yourself. Yes you can motivate yourself by watching some motivating youtube videos and reading some motivating articals for just two to three days.

You have to bring motivation from inside your soul.

You have to think what is more important your studies or webseries which you can watch any time ( after exam ).

Talk with toppers , discuss how many chapters they are done with and what’s their plan of completing the syllabus .

When you feel stressed call you best friend , talk to him /her how many chapters they are done with.. Talk about studies instead of asking what webseries they are gonna watch after the exam.

I strictly prohibited using phone and i deactivated all my social medias accounts. So that i dont have the urge to check insta or fb.

Make Goals or to do list of a day and accomplish that.

Do not be a night owl. Get up early in the morning so that you get enough time to go for a walk ..

Dont distance yourself with your parents , talk to them each and every hour. They are your greatest motivators.

Do not indulge in any relationship an all . It wont help you crack your Neet , IIT or UPSC etc exams. You have whole life left to live with your partner , but you have to decide how you want to live with them.

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A newbie writer.🤗

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